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General Contracting

As General Contactors we are equipped to take on a variety of construction projects ranging from residential remodels to commercial tenant finish-outs to just about anything else you can dream up (well…almost anything!). Whether we are building your dream master suite or bringing that 70’s ranch style up to date with current trends, our commitment to quality is the standard on which we hang our hats.

Thinking about a project at your place?  We will be happy to swing by, listen to your ideas, offer our expertise, and provide you with a custom proposal.  Here are just a few examples of projects we have nailed:

  • Down to the Studs Remodeling
  • Kitchen and Bath Updates– Cabinets, Tile, Islands, Countertops
  • Room Additions
  • Garage Conversions
  • Decks/Carports/Garages
  • Exterior Projects – Siding, Windows, Patios, Custom Gates
  • Tiny Houses
  • Commercial Finish Out
  • Load Bearing Wall Removal


We have a God-given desire to work with our hands, hearts, and minds to take projects at your home and create something special for you and your family!

We appreciate ALL design styles and believe that YOU are the designer of your home, so we work according to what you imagine and desire for your place! We can be involved as little or as much as you’d like for us to be in the design aspect of the project!

At our core, creativity is what drives us. We can help assess the original style of the home, work with you on the envisioned style of the home, help pick the perfect paint color, compose an attractive exterior, and much more.  We take pride in the details that make the end product come together in perfect harmony.

To view a variety of our work, check out our Portfolio page for images of our projects.

Real Estate Purchases

We have a true passion for real estate, and our personal experience has shown us that real estate is a solid and proven way to build financially for our future, and as such it is our preferred investment. Here are a few ways we can help you add real estate to your investment portfolio:

  • We help investors find and purchase a fixer upper. We can then assist in creating order and adding equity to your investment, and finally we can help you lease or sell the home through the local MLS.
  • We work with potential homeowners who are searching for a home to make their own. Once we’ve found your place, we establish plans together to rehabilitate it according to your needs and dreams! Often homebuyers need help with financing and vision, and that’s where we help make things happen!
  • For very passive real estate investors, we provide the resources {such as financing, procurement, repairs, property management, etc.} for those of you who do not have time to search for, remodel, and resale or lease your own properties. We equip you with our time and tools so that you can add real estate to your investment and retirement portfolio without having to be hands-on.

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