A New Season (In More Ways Than One)

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It that’s time of year. The time when school supplies are chaotically strewn about the big box stores, kids are sporting new shoes and backpacks, and social media sites are buzzing with “The first day kindergarten or middle school or high school or college” photos posted by joyful, and perhaps tearful moms and dads. Yes it’s back to school time and the end of summer break.

Kade, 2nd Grade Football

Kade, 2nd Grade Football

As I viewed wonderful photos of the smiling children of family and friends it made me reflect on our own family situation. We too are experiencing new seasons in life with this school year. As in years past, the beginning of school also indicates that football season is upon us. I love the game and at any level (pro, college, high school, pee-wee). I have found myself walking around the house singing “Its the most wonderful time of the year” from the top of my lungs while Jenny is rolling her eyes! Yes I love football, but more than that I love watching our oldest son Kade play. I’m probably living vicariously through him, but I really don’t take that as an insult. He’s a joy to watch and much of our life has revolved around his football career (I even coached his pee-wee team for several years). You could say we are VERY into it, but hey we do live in Texas.

Kade, Freshman Football

Kade, Freshman Football

This year however, marks a new era in our life. WE NOW HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. That’s right….Kade is a freshman. So not only is football season much different this year, life is much different. Football activity is fast and furious, school is more intense, homecoming dates are a mainline topic of conversation (Some parents are referring to it as “The Homecoming Hunger Games.”) How did this happen? Where did time go? It seems like yesterday that I was helping a cute and innocent second grader put his football pads on and today he woke up a young man.

Regardless, he brings us as much joy now as he did back then. He’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. We are exited to see him grow in the years to come. Okay – As a Dad I admit I am including physical growth in my definition here, but more importantly his growth spiritually (growing relationship with Jesus Christ), intellectually, in maturity, and his desire to be a good human being.

As parents Jenny and I will continue to guide, coach, teach, and train Kade, but we know that he is now also becoming an individual with his own thoughts, actions, and accountability. We have to let go a bit but continue to support, honor, and love him as he continues on his path!

Here’s to you Kade – “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” Psalm 127:4.

Our quiver is full!

Kade and the Gang

Kade and the Gang

Pop (Me) and his boys - Camp Copass for "Two-A-Days"

Pop (Me) and his boys – Camp Copass for “Two-A-Days”

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On August 25, 2014

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