What remodeling experience do we have? As we began our careers after graduating from college, we made the decision together to invest a portion of our salaries in real estate. Almost every property we purchased needed serious work! Through our own elbow grease, working with contractors, learning from experts, trial and error, and a real love for learning, we have accumulated a little treasure of remodeling expertise!

A metamorphosis is defined as a marked changed in appearance, character, condition, or function. We are lovers of the process of metamorphosis! Subduing and signifying is the end game for us. We remodel with the goal of creating a place of connection, peace, and love.

You can see our work and current properties for sale on the “Masterpieces” page. Also check out the “Stories” page to see written thoughts and visual images of our projects. We hope you enjoy our what we are doing, and we would love for you to follow along on our Social Media pages.