Real Estate Investment and Sales

We have always loved real estate! For us a fun day would absolutely include cruising around neighborhoods or driving through back roads as we look at houses and brainstorm all the ways we can refresh and revamp a home! In addition to having a true joy for real estate, our personal experience has shown us that real estate is a solid and proven way to build for our future, and as such it is our preferred investment. Our love of real estate and design is played out in our business in these ways:

  1. We find homes ranging from minor cosmetic repairs to major renovation projects, we create order and beauty to our houses, and we then offer them to the general public through traditional market means such as our local MLS.
  2. We work directly with homebuyers {and their real estate agents} to find their ideal home and location, and once found, we establish plans together to rehabilitate it according to their dreams and specifications. These homebuyers often need help with financing and vision, and that’s where we help make things happen!
  3. We provide the resources {such as financing, procurement, repairs, property management, etc.} for those who are interested in pursuing real estate as an investment but do not have time to search for, remodel, and resale or rent their own properties. For these passive investors, we equip them with our time and tools so that they can add real estate to their investment and retirement portfolio without having to be hands-on.
  4. We aid those who have a need to quickly sell their home. We make a quick purchase despite condition. We then work on making it the next homeowner’s new love.