Ryan Grandi

Ryan grew up in southern New Mexico on a cattle ranch, where he had the opportunity to witness, and take part in, hard physical labor every single day. His bilingual grandfather, father, and uncle all had a hand in teaching Ryan a very valuable life lesson: the lazy man works twice as hard.  During his childhood, Ryan enjoyed spending his days on the back of a horse and his evenings outdoors where his imagination could run wild with big dreams.  The hot desert sun sure had a way of both humbling, and preparing, a young boy for life!

Ryan’s time on the ranch guided him to earning a rodeo scholarship to college, where he eventually obtained a finance degree after his days of riding bulls on the PRCA circuit were over. Beginning his senior year, he started a job as a mortgage loan officer and then built a career that landed him as COO after 11 years of dedicated work. Desiring to build a family business of his own, in his local community, on the principles that mattered most to him, he left his COO role and started Grandi Mortgage Services, a small boutique mortgage company. After several more successful years in the mortgage business, Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit called him to a new vision, Grandi Home & Design Co.

When he’s not working on real estate or doing a project for his wife, he enjoys swimming, coaching youth sports, reading Louis L’Amour novels, grilling up a juicy steak, attending Sunday morning service, and managing his ranch (three big dogs, a couple of donkeys, a dozen or so chickens, and a cat really do feel like a ranch). He previously served as the AYSA Football Commissioner, has had numerous volunteer coaching positions, is a member at Denton Bible Church, and is an active and intentional father to his four children!

Jenny Grandi

Jenny was raised in a small eastern New Mexico town located only eight miles from God’s country (aka Texas). Her younger years were spent both riding horses and traveling the country playing basketball. Jenny was raised in a family infused with a unique mix of blue-collar work ethic, artistic expression, and entrepreneurial spirit. From her grandfathers who were classic American farmers, to her grandmother and grandfather who owned a trucking company, to her parents who manage their own transportation company, to her aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family who all maintain their own creative businesses, she has been surrounded with a “just do it” attitude her entire life.

In college, Jenny obtained an accounting degree. Because Jenny was blessed with a creative genius that was passed down from her mother and grandmother, and because creative accountants don’t generally have the most ethical of careers, she later went on to obtain her real estate license and her insurance license, which gave her an expanded financial and real estate background.  In addition to her financial work, she has always had some type of artistic project simulatenously flowing, be it decorating, designing, photographing, making, painting, writing, teaching, or dreaming.

In 2013, she and Ryan decided to jump on their long-awaited dream of owning and managing their own business together. They established a local mortgage brokerage, and after several years decided to change gears and jump wholeheartedly into their home and design business.  Jenny sees Grandi Home & Design Co. as a great big open canvas, a dream come true for displaying her vision, and an opportunity to help clients achieve their own concepts and designs.  Outside of work she savors time with family and friends, reading, running, photographing, and having fun outdoors.

Jason Crawford

Jason was born and raised in West Texas in a small town just outside of Lubbock.  Growing up Jason took an interest in learning about the outdoors and working with his hands. As a young boy he spent a significant amount of time working with his grandfather, who shared all of his knowledge about cars, trucks, tractors, and anything else with an engine. During these valuable moments, Jason learned the value of hard work and completing a job correctly every single time. As Jason matured he realized both the importance and the rarity of the hard work that was modeled to him not only by his grandfather but also by his father and uncle as well.

Jason has always had a passion for agricultural activities, which led to a degree in animal science from Texas Tech in 2006. Jason then began his career as a feed yard manager and instinctively made certain every job was completed diligently and to perfection. In 2008 Jason partnered with his father to help run a chemical application company, which required rigorous hours but also allowed him to spend most of his time outdoors.  During this time Jason served his community at the local volunteer fire department where he put his physical and mental skills to work helping others.

In 2014 Jason shifted his career path to a commercial construction company. He rapidly gained substantial knowledge and construction skills to help him grow in the industry as he utilized his problem solving, organizational, and scheduling skills to develop and manage jobs.  He quickly worked up the ladder to Project Superintendent.  Beginning in 2018, Jason joined the Grandi Home & Design team where he currently enjoys working with residential clients and helping them achieve their visions for their homes. Jason is a valuable asset to the team and applies his knowledge, work ethic, and passion to every project.

Jason is a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessica (who happens to be Jenny’s sister), and his baby girl, Sonora.  He is known to his many nephews and nieces as “Uncle Jace” and is frequently in attendance at their various football, baseball, and soccer games (and always with a cowboy hat on)!  When time allows, he likes to work on cars in his workshop and to ride horses.

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