Bathroom Makeover


This was a fun project because we worked with a very creative and decisive client (whom we had already remodeled for previously), and we were focused on only one room, which was straightforward to implement! This bathroom is the one that the children use upstairs and they helped her design the bathroom, which we thought was very cool!

We started off with an easy little fix; we converted her swing door to a pocket door to create more space in a small bathroom, and to allow for the drawers on the new custom vanity to pull completely out and not get tangled up with the door! We then installed new marble hexagon floor tile (simply gorgeous) and new subway tile in the shower–we love the chevron pattern she picked out for the niche! We painted the walls and trim, added a new toilet, installed some canned lighting, built a few floating shelves (with a towel rack), and framed out her mirror and stained it.  The client picked her own lighting and cabinet hardware, along with her plumbing fixtures and we love her style that all tied everything together very well!

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