Under the Big Oak


This beautiful house in Flower Mound was fun to work on during the winter months! We changed up our design plan a little bit on this project…we decided to work with the style and materials that were already at the property and give it more of a “refresh” rather than a remodel.  This new approach meant that stylistically we didn’t do a lot of changes to flooring and tile work, and we didn’t change the color tones as much as we normally do.  We did do all over paint (exterior and interior) which we believe always gives the home the biggest impact of all, no matter the job we do! While it wasn’t our most creative project, we had it under contract after one day on the market, and we are excited for the new homeowners!

  • jkg_0838-400×600
  • jkg_0842-400×600
  • jkg_0857-750×500
  • jkg_0859-400×600
  • jkg_0864-400×600
  • jkg_0869-750×500
  • jkg_0875-1-750×500
  • jkg_0886-400×600
  • jkg_0890-400×600
  • jkg_0896-400×600
  • jkg_0899-750×500
  • jkg_0907-750×500
  • jkg_0910-750×500
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