The Britt Babe


One of our favorite homes to design! We worked on it throughout a hot Texas summer and out kids were able to help us paint, pack, build, shop, and play while we were making this home beautiful! It’s a great place for raising a family!  If you’d like to see some before photos of this babe of a home, visit our blog post where we share before photos and all the design details and colors.

  • dsc_5001-399×600
  • dsc_5002-750×498
  • dsc_5003-750×498
  • dsc_5004-750×498
  • dsc_5006-750×498
  • dsc_5008-750×498
  • dsc_5009-750×498
  • dsc_5012-399×600
  • dsc_5015-750×498
  • dsc_5016-750×498
  • dsc_5018-750×498
  • dsc_5019-750×498
  • dsc_5020-750×498
  • dsc_5024-750×498
  • dsc_5032-399×600
  • dsc_5036-399×600
  • dsc_5038-750×498
  • dsc_5044-399×600
  • dsc_5046-750×498
  • dsc_5051-750×498
  • dsc_5056-750×498
  • dsc_5061-399×600
  • dsc_5062-750×498
  • dsc_5063-750×498
  • dsc_5066-399×600
  • dsc_5069-399×600
  • dsc_5073-399×600
  • dsc_5075-399×600
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