Rocky Point Prize


We always tend to refer to our properties by their street name…this house was called “Rocky Point” because of it’s location!  Rocky Point is in Arlington so it was a bit out of the way for us, and farther than we usually go to flip houses, but this house came to us through a friend who was holding it as a rental and wanted to sell it (but not have to fix it up).  This house had a great floor plan, an already beautiful curb appeal, and we enjoyed cleaning her up and modernizing her.

  • jkg_4110-750×500
  • jkg_4112-750×500
  • jkg_4115-750×500
  • jkg_4118-750×500
  • jkg_4123-750×500
  • jkg_4138-750×500
  • jkg_4140-400×600
  • jkg_4141-750×500
  • jkg_4142-750×500
  • jkg_4145-400×600
  • jkg_4147-750×500
  • jkg_4148-750×500
  • jkg_4158-750×500
  • jkg_4159-750×500
  • jkg_4161-400×600
  • jkg_4163-400×600
  • jkg_4166-400×600
  • jkg_4170-400×600
  • jkg_4174-750×500
  • jkg_4175-750×500
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