Rockin’ Ranch


This cute ranch style home was originally built in 1969. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is 1974 square feet. When we found this home it was sound structurally, but definitely needed some “Grandi Love.” We are passionate about bringing a modern touch to these homes and restoring their purpose…a place to call home.

Click here for a virtual tour of this house: Facebook Live Video at The Rockin’ Ranch.

Click here to view the blog post about this house.

  • elevation-before-1-1-800×600
  • dsc_3062-750×498
  • fireplace-before-1-1-800×600
  • dsc_3068-750×498
  • formal-dining-before-1-1-800×600
  • dsc_3031-750×498
  • dsc_2908-750×498
  • dsc_3036-750×498
  • living-room-before-1-1-800×600
  • dsc_3051-750×498
  • master-before-1-1-800×600
  • dsc_3049-750×498
  • dsc_2928-750×498
  • dsc_3048-750×498
  • dsc_2934-750×1129
  • dsc_3054-750×498
  • guest-bath-before-750×563
  • dsc_3043-750×498
  • dsc_2927-750×498
  • dsc_3037-750×498
  • dsc_2937-750×498-1
  • dsc_3064-750×498
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