All-American Dream


We absolutely loved working on this project!  With this house we had the freedom to be a bit bolder and add some features that we don’t normally get to do! I did not believe that painting the brick light would compliment the existing roof, so instead I decided to go with navy exterior paint.  Ryan was worried throughout the entire project that the blue would make it harder to sell, but alas we had a contract on Day 1 and all is well that ends well!

  • jkg_3567-750×500
    Absolutely love the way the navy blue, white, and cedar compliment each other!
  • jkg_3572-750×500
    Side view where you can see all of the colors working together!
  • jkg_3559-750×500
  • jkg_3510-750×500
  • jkg_3512-750×500
  • jkg_3509-750×500
  • jkg_3553-750×500
  • jkg_3574-750×500
  • jkg_3583-750×500
  • jkg_3548-750×500
  • jkg_3515-400×600
  • jkg_3575-750×500
  • jkg_3594-750×500
  • jkg_3597-750×500
  • jkg_3519-750×500
  • jkg_3525-400×600
  • jkg_3536-400×600
  • jkg_3533-750×500
  • jkg_3541-400×600
  • jkg_3555-750×500
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