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Meet Ryan

Ryan grew up in southern New Mexico on a cattle ranch where he had the opportunity to witness, and take part in, hard physical labor every single day. His bi-lingual grandfather, father, and uncle all had a hand in teaching Ryan a very valuable life lesson: the lazy man works twice as hard. The hot desert sun sure had a way of humbling, and preparing, a young boy for life. The things Ryan appreciates most about his childhood are bottled Dr. Peppers with peanuts inside, spending all day on the back of a horse, and quiet time outdoors for his imagination to run wild with big dreams.

Ryan’s time on the ranch guided him to earning a rodeo scholarship to college, where he eventually obtained a finance degree after his days of riding bulls on the PRCA circuit were over. Beginning his senior year, he started a job as a mortgage loan officer and then built a career that landed him as COO after 11 years of dedicated work. Desiring to build a family business of his own, in his local community, on the principles that matter most to him, he left his COO role and started Grandi Mortgage Services, a small boutique mortgage company. After several more successful years in the mortgage business, Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit called him to a new vision, Grandi Home & Design Co.

When he’s not at the office, he enjoys working out, coaching his kids, traveling, Sunday morning church, and managing his ranch (3 big dogs, a pony, a couple of horses, chickens, and a donkey really do feel like a ranch). He previously served as the AYSA Football Commissioner, a volunteer coach, and is an active community member in his small town.


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