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Meet Jenny

Jenny was raised in a small eastern New Mexico town located only eight miles from God’s country (aka Texas). Her younger years were spent both riding horses and traveling the country playing basketball. Jenny was raised in a family infused with a unique mix of blue-collar work ethic, artistic expression, and entrepreneurial spirit. From her grandfathers who were classic American farmers, to her grandmother and grandfather who owned a trucking company, to her parents who manage their own transportation company, to her aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family who all maintain their own creative businesses, she has been surrounded with a “just do it” attitude her entire life.

In college, Jenny obtained an accounting degree. Because Jenny was blessed with a creative genius that was passed down from her mother and grandmother, and because creative accountants don’t generally have the most ethical of careers (anyone remember Arthur Anderson), she decided to explore her income-producing options after working in public accounting for several years.  She went on to obtain her real estate license and her insurance license, which gave her an expanded financial and real estate background.  In addition to her “financial work,” she has always had some type of artistic project simulatenously flowing, be it decorating, designing, making, blogging, painting, writing, teaching, or dreaming.

In 2013, she and Ryan decided to jump on their long-awaited dream of owning and managing their own business together. They established a local mortgage company and after several years decided to change gears and jump wholeheartedly into their home and design business.  Jenny sees Grandi Home & Design Co. as a great big open canvas, a dream come true for displaying her vision, and an opportunity to be clever.  She is not formally trained in design but has a natural knack for it, and friends and family frequently remark that she has “such a good eye.”  Her approach is modern and simple, sometimes rustic, and always with a pop of color and a dash of the unexpected.  She draws most of her inspiration from God’s beautiful creation: {the great outdoors} and {His people}.




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