The Britt Babe


Let me just start off by saying that we loved working on this project! We put a lot of sweat equity into this home and we are truly proud of the finished product. We are praying for a sweet family to enjoy it and love it as much as we do!

This home was built about 14 years ago, so it has a great floorplan and features that the modern buyer would appreciate.  However, when we purchased it, the home was more of a Tuscan style and we wanted to convert it to more of a farmhouse style.  The location of the home makes it the perfect candidate for the farmhouse feel because it’s surrounded by lots of trees and it’s in a very serene quiet area where you can hear the chickens clucking and the wind blowing the leaves on the trees.

We would love to share with you some before and after photos of this beautiful home!

These first two photos are the exterior BEFORE photos of the home.  You can probably already see that this is a great home but that the shrubs are just a little out of control! We are all about landscaping but we knew we needed to tame what was going on here!



So we simplified it by trimming, removing, and adding smaller plants. Getting rid of so many different varieties of shrubs, we also made room for the new owners to plant seasonal flowers and other plants that are according to their taste.

Other changes we made to freshen things up outdoors: painted all of the siding, stained all of the shutters and wood trim (including the front door), installed gutters (not eye candy but necessary), put house numbers on the brick, and stained the fence.  AFTER photo from the curb:


Metal address numbers located on the right side of the home.


Ryan made this cute little address piece for the front entry.


Moving along inside, I’ll start with the kitchen because I always feel that is the room that has the most dramatic transformation.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures–you can see the brown, orange, and yellow tones throughout the space.  It’s a very traditional feel, and although it is a beautiful style that many people pull off quite well, it wasn’t a part of our design plan.




Here’s the AFTER photos of the kitchen:





What we did in the kitchen: new backsplash, new granite countertops, painted the cabinets, island, and walls, installed tile floors, put in new appliances, added a pot rack above the island, re-stained the pantry door, and put in a new sink and fixtures.

Now check out the dining room change, I love it so much! Here is the BEFORE photo:


I always wonder why builders put these really cheap small light fixtures into such a big dining area?

Here is the dining area AFTER:


This space is so light and bright now and I love it! One of the biggest things that helped is that we had all of the shrubs that were previously at the back window pulled out so that it would open up natural window light.  We also had to put new windows in because there was condensation between the panes. And my favorite feature is the new custom light fixture we had built out of old chicken feeders.

Let me walk you over to another significant transformation, which was the master bathroom.  Here are the BEFORE photos.




It was pretty gloomy in the bathroom, and there were several items that needed to be revived.  Here are the cheerful AFTER photos:




What we did: totally gutted the shower.  It was a slate tile shower that was absolutely destroyed and we put in a new subway tile shower in it’s place.  {PSA: no one should EVER install a slate shower–we have one at our own home, and it is a mistake!} We also completely resurfaced the bathtub and put in a new faucet and drain, we painted the walls and cabinets, installed new granite, put in new fixtures and mirrors and new sinks and faucets. Also, new tile floors that looks like distressed wood for the win!  Another thing that helped tremendously was trimming down the huge shrubs that were covering the window over the bathtub.  That allowed so much light to come in and brighten up this master retreat!

Hall bath remodel was simple and easy.  It was so daaaaaarrrrkkkkkk in this little space so we lightened it up and put some farmhouse features in it for fun. BEFORE photo:


AFTER photo:


Game room BEFORE photo:


Game room AFTER photo:


Upstairs bath BEFORE photo:


Upstairs bath AFTER photo:


Upstairs desk area BEFORE photo:


Upstairs desk area AFTER photo:


Study BEFORE photo:


Study AFTER photo:


Upstairs Bedroom BEFORE photo:


Upstairs AFTER photo:


Downstairs work station BEFORE photo:


Downstairs work station AFTER photo:


We are so proud of this “babe” of a house! We hope the new owner makes some really special memories here.  To see all of the AFTER photos of this home, click on over to our “Masterpieces” page where we’ve uploaded all the photos of this home.

COLOR SCHEME IN HOME: (All colors by Sherwin Williams)

Walls, Ceilings, and Trim: “Creamy”

Wood-Stained Trim (Exterior and Interior): Charwood

Kitchen cabinets – Amazing Gray

Kitchen Island – Urbane Bronze

Master bath cabinets – Intellectual Gray

Laundry room cabinets: Worldy Gray

Hall Bath – Worldly Gray

Desk downstairs – Intellectual Gray

Upstairs Bathroom – Intellectual Gray

Upstairs Desks – Intellectual Gray


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