School Is Out!


We felt that it would be fitting to do a blog post on the final day of school, since the last time we blogged was on the first day of school!  (The blog saw some major neglect this year, but we intend on breathing new life into it.)

So much has happened this school year…we have seen our freshman son grow several inches and gain lots of pounds. Beyond physical maturity, we’ve seen him grow in character, work ethic, integrity, godliness, and independence.


Kade after the spring football scrimmage at LCS.

Our little bookworm completed her second grade year as a (first-time) homeschooler with flying colors!

Devynn and Daddy on their way to the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Devynn and Daddy on their way to the Daddy Daughter Dance.

And our 3 year-old son managed to make it through a year of Mother’s Day Out without getting in any serious trouble!

Kam praying on the playground at school with one of his friends.

Kam praying on the playground at school with one of his friends.

Oh, and along the way God blessed us with another baby, who is due to arrive right in time for the beginning of the next school year! Yes, it has been a busy year!

Baby bump most recently recorded at Kade's Awards Banquet.

Baby bump recently photographed at Kade’s Awards Banquet.

We wanted to quickly share with you a few things we’ve been up to, both professionally and personally:

On the professional side, we’ve experienced a year of growth.  We’ve been able to keep up with our goal of remaining small and personal so that we can get to know our clients and stay organized enough to meet all of their needs.  As the Argyle community {and our client database} grows, we are brainstorming exciting ways to add to the depth and variety of services that we offer.  Unique, personal, and fun is where we are looking to go with our small business.  In addition to our mortgage business, we’ve also decided to begin flipping properties again.  Making old things new is something we both enjoy, and Chip and JoJo have been quite the inspiration for us.  Our projects will be on a very small scale to start out with!  We look forward to posting some of our activities here on the blog.

On the personal side, we are both enjoying listening to Podcasts.  Ryan’s favorite is Entre Leadership, and Jenny’s favorites are Inspired to Action and The Happy Hour.  They are great to listen to when you are working out or doing tasks that don’t require any brainpower. (Tip: Go to the App Store and download the Podcast app on your phone, then search for podcast by name or subject.)  Ryan has started running and Jenny is trying to maintain her running, sprinkled in with a lot of speed walking, as her belly grows!  The summer will be full of sports (primarily football for Kade and soccer for Devynn), a vacation to Beaver Lake in Arkansas, a big 16th birthday (with corresponding driver’s license), lots of popsicles, evenings in the back yard, and catching up on reading.

We look forward to sharing with you on a more regular basis, and we wish you all a SUPER summer!

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